As part of their work, the National Lead Clinicians Group (LCG) has developed a National Clinicians Network (NCN).

What is the NCN?

The NCN is an annual series of interlinking state and national forums that are designed to enhance clinical leadership and engagement across the health sector at the local, state and national levels.

The NCN will focus on strategies to improve patient outcomes and pathways through the health system.  It provides exciting opportunities for clinicians of all disciplines and from all sectors of health to:

  • Share their perspectives about the issues they face as patients journey between different parts of the health system; and
  • Propose solutions to these issues and identify opportunities for implementation.

Where will NCN forums be held?

The National LCG is working in partnership with state and territory clinical bodies to deliver NCN forums in each state and territory.

The National LCG will also deliver a national NCN forum, which will be informed by the outcomes of state and territory NCN forums.

This site will be updated as further information about each NCN forum becomes available.

Who should attend NCN forums?

  • Clinicians of all disciplines, from all sectors of health and at all career stages;
  • Health executives and managers;
  • Representatives from professional bodies; and
  • Consumer representatives.

Latest Updates

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